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Raw Success Stories

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Lori E.

"Red Dog Blue Kat Kangaroo Complete literally saved my dog's life, it was everything we needed it to be and a complete miracle that he could eat it with no stomach issues."

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"My local pet food store introduced me to RDBK and what amazed me is that not only do they use quality ingredients, but they care about providing guidance and education to pet owners!"



"Wentworth’s [15 yrs ], health and energy has made a brilliant improvement; he has slimmed down, his pads and nose are moist and healthy, and he has incredible energy!"

Raw Success Stories

This is Mufasa aka Moofi, a 9 year old Pure Bred Yellow Labrador Retriever. Moofi was surrendered to us by his previous owners as they no longer wanted him after 7 years. He came with a large bag of Iams, a dull coat and sensitive to hot-spots. His breath smelled very unpleasant and he was shedding like crazy. He was itchy and his paws were pink in-between his toes. He had two to three stools a day and suffered from repeated ear infections. We gradually placed Moofi on a grain-free, high quality kibble with little positive results. After several months with no improvement we made the decision to put Moofi on a Red Deli raw diet. The improvement we witnessed was unbelievable. These are the benefits we experienced within SEVERAL weeks. His breath no longer smelled, he stopped scratching and shedding. His ears cleared up and NO MORE hot spots. In addition to that he has far more energy than ever before. His teeth are whiter and his stools are down to one a day (and they don't smell either). We have now had the pleasure of caring for this wonderful boy for almost two years and permanently adopted him. We recently took him to a new vet and asked if they could give us an age guess and the vet said based on his teeth and overall appearance he would guess him to be about 5 years old. He has never had his teeth professionally cleaned. The benefits of feeding a Red Dog Deli diet are endless. Thank you Red Dog Deli for helping my dog live a longer, healthier, happier life. We chose Red Dog Deli as we wanted to feed a diet free of harsh chemicals and a non-medicated protein. We now have many of our rescues on the Red Dog Deli diet and they LOVE it.

Thanks again!


Mufasa, 9yr Yellow Labrador Retriever

—  Bonnie Graham, Cross Our Paws Rescue

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