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Educuational Resources for Feeding Dogs and Cats Raw Food Diet

What Are You Searching For? 

*We are currently testing Bradi, a third-party chatbot created by Dr. Conor Brady, the author of "Feeding Dogs," the top-rated manual on canine nutrition. Learn more here.

New to raw or just want more information on feeding raw? Find many useful articles here.

Articles surrounding nutrition for your cat and dog on a raw food diet

Fun tidbits from our favourite hikes, pet wellbeing to product updates.

Explanations of health issues, diseases and what you can do to combat them nutritionally.

What makes quality?  Discover what RDBK does to ensure quality in our products

Industry Research

We love educating and inspiring you, as pet guardians, to invest in the best possible nutrition for your pets because food is a powerful and acknowledged means of preventing disease and illness. This includes diabetes, renal disease, obesity, digestive disorders, and even cancer! 

We work with veterinarians and other industry leaders to bring current evidence-based, scientific information into our processes and to share that knowledge with you.

Did You Know RDBK Has A YouTube Channel?

Learn more about the benefits of raw, RDBK quality, and what to look for when choosing a raw food brand.

Are You New To Raw?

Check out our FREE feeding guide to receive a diet plan for your pet  from our in-house nutritionist

Is Your Pet Experiencing Health Issues?

Manage health issues holistically. Select a fitting service and speak with our nutritionist to develop a holistic plan to combat health issues.

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