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It's time to unleash your pet's inner foodie!

Since 2004, RDBK has been the go-to choice for more than 7,000 devoted pet parents who demand nothing but the best for their furry foodies.

Our unwavering commitment to ingredient quality and unparalleled excellence in food safety sets us apart, ensuring that your beloved pets receive the exceptional care they deserve.

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*We are currently testing Bradi, a third-party chatbot created by Dr. Conor Brady, the author of "Feeding Dogs," the top-rated manual on canine nutrition. Learn more here.

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Imagine... Being Able To Add
Extra Years To Your Pets Life

We know eating fresh food for people is proven to extend our own lives, the same applies to our pets.

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Raw food diet bowl  for dogs

Whole Fresh Food

No Grains

No Fillers

Behind The Bowl

Our products are a reflection of our passion put into action. We pride ourselves on our transparency and top quality standards. What you read on the label is what you get. Our pets eat better than we do!

I Am Ready To Make A Change For My...

Dr. Jules Mantler Animal Nutritionist for Red Dog Blue Kat

Want Personalized Advice?

Consult with our Raw Food Nutrition Specialist to develop a customized plan for your companion

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Ask an Expert

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Custom Plans

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Follow Ups

Oh, But There's More!

Our passion is to educate and inspire pet parents to invest in better nutrition for their pets. We love learning and research. We also love sharing what we learn with the pet community to help each pet parent make positive changes in their pets health.  We created a Learning Hub that includes Articles written by our team, as well as resources and research from other experts. We invite you to check it out.

Raw Success Stories

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"My local pet food store introduced me to RDBK and what amazed me is that not only do they use quality ingredients, but they care about providing guidance and education to pet owners!"


Lori E.

"Red Dog Blue Kat Kangaroo Complete literally saved my dog's life, it was everything we needed it to be and a complete miracle that he could eat it with no stomach issues."



"Wentworth’s [15 yrs ], health and energy has made a brilliant improvement; he has slimmed down, his pads and nose are moist and healthy, and he has incredible energy!"

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