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Imagine... Being Able To Add

Extra Years To Your Pets Life

We know eating fresh food for people is proven to extend our own lives, the same applies to our pets.


Whole Fresh Food

No Grains

No Fillers

Behind The Bowl

Our products are a reflection of our passion put into action. We pride ourselves on our transparency and top quality standards. What you read on the label is what you get. Our pets eat better than we do!

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Consult with our Raw Food Nutrition Specialist to develop a customized plan for your companion

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Raw Success Stories


Theo & Dixie

"Both my kids love the chicken for cats"



"We feed our Bengal mostly the Kangaroo but sometimes the Beef. He loves it. The ingredients are all recognizable foods. Sounds pretty good, might have to make myself a kangaroo burger on the BBQ some day"



"Excellent high quality ingredients. Love this company!"

Oh, But There's More!

Our passion is to educate and inspire pet parents to invest in better nutrition for their pets. We love learning and research. We also love sharing what we learn with the pet community to help each pet parent make positive changes in their pets health.  We created a Learning Hub that includes Articles written by our team, as well as resources and research from other experts. We invite you to check it out.