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Frozen Raw Meals




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Basic Instinct

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Frozen Raw Meals



Frozen Raw Bones




Frozen Meal Toppers


Customization Required


Dehydrated Treats

Treat Often


Limited &
Mixed Protein

* We believe that even complete and balanced meals should be fed in rotation to ensure that your pet is getting a variety of meats and organs

Standards & Methods

RDBK Foundations Raw is fussy feline approved! ✔️ This limited-ingredient diet is made with human-grade meat, organs, bones, and organic vegetables, along with a dash of enriching salmon oil and gut-loving probiotics. We kept it simple on purpose so you can customize your cat’s diet to be just as unique as they are, making Foundations Raw food the perfect choice for cats with sensitive tummies or picky taste buds.

Foundations Raw

Basic Instinct

Basic Instinct Cat is a raw food company that has been producing foods cats love for over 20 years. Cat’s sense of smell is so much greater than humans and as such, they need the freshest meats available that are frozen quickly. At Basic Instinct Cat, our foods are flash frozen in a HAACP production plant, to ensure your cat gets only the best quality and value.


Raw Bones

Not only do our handpicked selection of raw bones provide vital minerals like calcium, phosphorus, and magnesium, but they also keep our furry companion's teeth and gums in tip-top shape. But it's not just about nutrition; chewing on raw bones provides mental stimulation and releases those feel-good endorphins. Watch as they savour every bite, indulging in the natural instincts that make them truly happy.

Hey There!

I see you are considering bones. Make sure you know how to properly feed bones before selecting any for your pet. 

Red Dog Blue Kat Dog
Red Dog Blue Kat Cat
Basic Instinct
Base Meals


The bond between people and pets is unique and benefits the health of both. Giving treats to your dog or cat further strengthens that bond. We have designed our yummy and functional treats for dogs and cats with simple ingredients, minimal processing, great flavour, and many health benefits!

Base Mixes

These recipes are meant to provide a base for creating homemade custom recipes for your pet. They contain a foundation of ethically sourced human-grade meats and some contain bones and organs. Add your own vegetables and supplements to create a complete meal.

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