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Why Choose Everyday Raw for Your Dog: Elevating Your Pups Nutrition with Convenience and Quality

Are you looking to give your dog a healthy, hassle-free diet to help them live a longer and healthier life? RDBK Everyday Raw for Dogs offers a straightforward approach to feeding a healthy diet based on science and nature. Simplify your raw feeding and keep those tails wagging! Let's explore why Everyday Raw is a game-changer for pet owners seeking convenience and high-quality meals for their beloved companions.

dog eating RDBK raw food
@shepsinthewild Kaiser Enjoying Everyday Raw

Why We Love Everyday Raw For Dogs

Made with busy pet parents in mind, RDBK Everyday Raw Food for Dogs makes raw feeding easy! ✔️This complete and balanced recipe blends a variety of human-grade meat, organs, bones, fresh veggies, and natural supplements into a single, convenient meal, providing everything dogs need for a long, happy, and healthy life—every day.

How RDBK Meals Are Formulated

At RDBK, we're dedicated to ensuring your pets thrive, and that's why we pour our hearts into making their meals. Our team carefully crafts each recipe, using expert nutrition software (Animal Diet Formulator) to get it just right. But we don't stop there. We partner with Eurofins, a leading food lab, for rigorous testing to ensure top quality. Plus, we conduct daily checks on important factors like moisture, protein, fat, and fibre to maintain consistency. With RDBK, your furry family members are in good hands because their health and happiness drive us every step of the way.

Everyday Raw Highlights

Our recipes focus on whole, minimally processed ingredients over highly processed ones, blending proteins, organs, low-glycemic vegetables, and superfoods. We prioritize safe, clean, and nourishing ingredients for your dog's optimal health and vitality, inspired by the principles of the Canada Food Guide for our own families. With Everyday Raw's emphasis on this, it's no wonder this meal option stands out.

Here are some highlights of feeding RDBK Everyday Raw to your beloved dog:

  • Most Convenient: Our blast-frozen meals come in convenient packaging, making feeding your dog a breeze. Everyday Raw takes the hassle out of mealtime.

  • Complete and Balanced: Our Everyday Raw recipes provide everything your dog needs for a complete and balanced diet, meeting the standards set by the AAFCO Dog Food Nutrient Profile.

  • Everything Eaters: Does your dog crave variety? Packed with top-notch proteins like beef, chicken, salmon, and even kangaroo, our Everyday Raw meals cater to adventurous taste buds. These recipes are sure to satisfy your dog's craving for mixed flavours.

  • Natural Supplements: Everyday Raw is enriched with all-natural ingredients like blueberries, sunflower seeds, black soldier fly powder and kelp powder, providing essential nutrients for your dog's complete and balanced nutrition. Learn more about synthetic vs whole food supplements here!

  • Suitable For Puppies: For optimal nutrition, simply rotate between red meat, poultry, and fish recipes, feeding at least three of the Everyday Raw recipes in rotation weekly.

  • Our Reef n' Beef recipe is suitable for sous-vide cooking: This method gently cooks and preserves nutrients. Sous-vide can be beneficial for various reasons, including transitioning to a raw diet or enticing a picky eater. Read more on cooking raw here.

RDBK Everyday Raw callouts

Everyday Raw Ingredient Sourcing

RDBK Everyday Raw sourcing map
Sourcing Map

At Red Dog Blue Kat, we're passionate about ethical sourcing because we believe it's essential for your pet's health and our planet's well-being. We prioritize sourcing locally whenever possible, ensuring that our recipes feature only humanely raised animal meat and wild-caught fish. This commitment guarantees top quality while also prioritizing the welfare of the animals. Our suppliers adhere to strict standards, raising animals without antibiotics and prioritizing their welfare. However, in the rare event that an animal falls ill and requires treatment, they may administer antibiotics for welfare reasons. We believe in treating every animal with respect, reflecting our values in every aspect of our products.

Where are the Ingredients for Everyday Raw From?

Our Everyday Raw recipes include 80% meat, 20% organs, bones, farm-fresh vegetables such as bok choy, butternut squash, celery, and natural supplements such as blueberries, sunflower seeds, black soldier fly powder, and kelp powder. We offer four recipes in this line:

1. Reef n' Beef Recipe (Salmon & Beef):

Wild-caught Pacific Coast salmon sourced from Canada (BC), and grass-fed beef from humanely raised cattle in Canada (BC).

2. Farmhouse Fare Recipe (Chicken & Beef):

Free-run Chicken and grass-fed beef are sourced from humanely raised animals in Canada (BC).

3. Wild Outback Recipe (Kangaroo, Lamb & Herring):

Wild kangaroo tails are harvested from Australian wild populations, and grass-fed lamb organs are obtained from humanely raised animals in Australia or New Zealand.

4. Classic Harvest Recipe (Pork, Salmon, & Turkey):

Pork is sourced from humanely raised pigs in Canada (BC), wild-caught Pacific Coast salmon from Canada (BC), and free-range turkey from humanely raised in Canada (BC).

Everyday Raw Packaging Made for Your Convenience

RDBK Everyday raw meals
Variety For Your Convienience

By prioritizing convenient packaging, we aim to simplify the raw feeding experience for pet parents, ensuring that nourishing their furry companions is both hassle-free and enjoyable. Our vacuum-sealed packaging guarantees freshness with a long 'shelf life', minimal oxidation, and nutrient degradation, all while being made from recycled materials, demonstrating our commitment to sustainability.

Convenient Packaging Options Available:

  • 4 x 1/4 lb tray or 6 lb case - great for small dogs

  • 1 lb tray or 8 lb case - great for medium dogs

  • 12 lb bulk box - great for medium to large dogs

Tailor Your Pups Menu with Single Trays

We provide single trays, allowing you to mix and match, try, and sample to your heart's content. As one of the few companies in Canada offering this option, we empower you to customize your meals according to your pet's preferences or limited freezer space requirements!

Did You Know That We Offered An Everyday Raw Variety Box Option?

For ultimate convenience, check out our Variety Box option. It's packed with three different recipes: Reef n' Beef, Farmhouse Fare, and Classic Harvest, ensuring your dog enjoys a diverse and balanced diet. For easy rotation, your flavor-hungry, adventurous furry foodie is sure to be satisfied.

See if Everyday Raw is the right meal for your pup by taking our meal quiz here!

Watch @shepsinthewild Take Everyday Raw on Mountain Adventures!

Everyday Raw for Dogs - Quality You Can Trust

At Red Dog Blue Kat, we take quality seriously. Our products are made in Canada from human-grade meats to locally sourced produce, we never cut corners when it comes to your pet's nutrition. Every batch of Everyday Raw for dogs is carefully inspected and tested to ensure it meets our rigorous standards for quality and safety.

Ready to elevate your dog's nutrition with Everyday Raw? Try it today and see the difference it can make in your dog's life!


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