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FAQ's About RDBK’s New Packaging

Updated: Oct 6, 2022

Change is hard! We’ve all been there: You have your daily routine down to a T—no hard thinking is necessary.

Suddenly BOOM! Something changes and now you must figure out a whole new routine, possibly causing you stress and frustration—ugh! We completely understand and know that our new packaging changes may be difficult to get used to for some of our long-time customers. After all, we haven’t changed our packaging (other than aesthetically) for almost 20 years!

Our intention behind these changes was to make feeding time easier for all pet parents. However, your initial feelings about the new packaging may not be positive or you’re finding it difficult to adapt your routine. If that is the case, all we can ask is that you give it a chance and continue to provide feedback about the things that aren’t working.

We are a small company with a small team, all of whom are pet lovers, and like you, we want what is best for our pets, our family, and the planet! This has been a big change for us as well, and we are still learning and dedicated to improving our processes with our new packaging equipment. Our ultimate goal remains the same: Making raw food more accessible and easy to feed for all pet parents.

In this blog, we hope to give you answers to your burning questions, and share tips from the team’s testing! First, let’s tackle to question of why we decided this big change was necessary.

FAQ's About RDBK’s New Packaging


  1. Why Did We Change Our Packaging?

  2. What’s the Best Way to Use RDBK’s New Packaging?

  3. What Sizes Are Available?

  4. How Do I Make Even Smaller Portions Than ¼ LB?

  5. Help! The Portions Are Too Big… How Do I Store Leftovers?

  6. How Do I Work With the Thicker 1 LB Trays?

  7. How Long Does It Take to Thaw the New Sizes?

  8. How Do I Store RDBK Raw Meals In My Freezer?

  9. How Am I Saving Money?

  10. Why Should I Buy the 12 LB Bulk Boxes?

  11. Why Did You Discontinue the 24 LB Bulk Box?

Why Did We Change Our Packaging?

Customer Feedback

Not only was our old packaging producing tons of non-recyclable plastic waste across Canada, but they were also cumbersome to open and a mess to serve. Not to mention the large amounts of food waste because of the remaining food bits clinging to the sides of the bag!

Cost Savings for Pet Parents

In today’s climate, we’re all used to rising costs on… well, almost everything! Because of this, we wanted to avoid price increases related to raw materials as much as possible. This is how we got to thermoform trays since they are a more cost-effective material to produce. Therefore, we have been able to keep price increases to a minimum.

For the Planet

As an ethical company, we knew we had to make some major changes to reduce our plastic consumption. The new thermoform trays are a recycle-ready material that has allowed us to reduce plastic waste by up to 50% and reduce our carbon footprint by 35%.

Mindfulness Towards Our Manufacturing Team

Our old packaging required a manual, very labour-intensive process. Unfortunately, there was no way to make the process easier on our amazing production team’s bodies without investing in increased automation. We didn’t want to add more automation, especially because this

could endanger jobs, and we love our team!

Instead, we put our heads together (and asked for feedback from stores and customers) to come up with another solution. We needed to change our backend processes, but we also took this as an opportunity to improve the experience for our end users.

Mindfulness Towards Our Manufacturing Team

Before you make your final judgment, we ask that you work with us to make this change a win for everyone. Take a read through this quick guide and cheat sheet that will hopefully help you create a new, more convenient routine!

Haven’t told us what you thought yet? Fill out our packaging survey now. All participants will be entered to win a $50 RDBK coupon.

What’s the Best Way to Use RDBK’s New Packaging?

We’ve got all the answers in our easy-to-follow demonstration video. This is a must-watch that will give you new ways to use our packaging for an easier-to-open, easier-to-portion, and easier-on-the-planet mealtime.

What Sizes Are Available?

When deciding on our new sizing options, we tried to consider the needs of pets of many different sizes and situations. The following sizes are available in the new packaging:

Foundations Raw for Cat

  • 4 x ¼ LB Tray (6 LB per box) — purchase as single trays or an entire box

  • 1 LB Tray (8 LB per box) — purchase as single trays or an entire box

Foundations Raw for Dog

  • 4 x ¼ LB Tray (6 LB per box) — purchase as single trays or an entire box

  • 1 LB Tray (8 LB per box) — purchase as single trays or an entire box

Everyday Raw for Dogs

  • 4 x ¼ LB Tray (6 LB per box) — purchase as single trays or an entire box

  • 1 LB Tray (8 LB per box) — purchase as single trays or an entire box

  • 2 LB Tray (12 LB per box, variety) — purchase an entire variety box

If you’re trying to decide which of the new tray sizes may be comparable to the meals you used to use in our own packaging, check out the table below. Keep in mind that everyone uses packaging differently and you may need to try out different size formats before you find one that makes your new routine perfect!

Old Packaging

New Packaging


Use Situations for New Packaging

Cat ¼ LB or ½ LB

Cat 1 LB

Dog ½ LB

Dog 1 LB

4 x ¼ LB tray sold individually or in boxes of 6 (6 LB box)

In the new packaging, you’ll get 4 cubes of ¼ LB attached together! This means you can open ¼ LB, ½ LB, ¾ LB, or even 1 LB separately—talk about versatile!

  • Great for cats and small dogs

  • Makes rotation easier since you can separate the 4 LB cubes and rotate through proteins

  • Great addition on top of other raw proteins or types of pet food

Cat ½ LB

Cat 1 LB

Dog ½ LB

Dog 1 LB

Dog 2 LB

1 LB tray sold individually or in boxes of 8 (8 LB box)

Very similar to our old packaging, but made easier with an easy-peel tab! Although a bit thicker, it is more narrow and designed to fit into a standard large food container.

  • Great for medium to large size dogs

  • Makes rotation easier, even for medium or larger dogs

  • Multi-cat families

Dog 1 LB

Dog 2 LB

2 LB tray sold in boxes of 6 (12 LB box)

  • Great for larger dogs

  • Cost-efficient option for pet parents who want to save money

  • Multi-pet families who have lots of mouths to feed

What Sizes Are Available Red Dog Blue Kat