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Kangaroo Tails

Kangaroo Tails


RDBK Kangaroo Tails are a great raw bone option for healthy dogs to chew on for dental health and enrichment.

  • Ethically sourced, human-grade, and wild Kangaroo

  • Size recommendations:

    • Small Kangaroo Tails: Small dogs <25 lb

    • Large Kangaroo Tails: Medium dogs 25-60 lb

  • Best suited for gentle chewers. Not suitable for aggressive chewers or gulpers.

  • Do not cook 

  • Always supervise your pet when feeding any bone


**Recommended retail price. Prices may vary

  • Choose RDBK Kangaroo Tails as an excellent consumable raw bone option for dogs.

    • Kangaroo Tails can be fed as a meal replacement, including meat, connective tissues, joint cartilage, fat, bone and sometimes a small amount of marrow.
    • They are mostly consumable but contains vertebral bones that can be harder. Take away the bone once most of the meat and soft bone has been consumed. 

    Consumable raw bones are typically safe for complete consumption, though individual pets may have specific limitations. These bones can nutritionally boost a pet’s diet and even serve as a meal replacement for some pets. Other benefits include:

    • Source of Calcium: Offers a rich source of calcium and other vital minerals, including phosphorus and magnesium.
    • Dental Health: Effectively cleans teeth and massages gums
    • Mental Stimulation: Provides an engaging endorphin-releasing activity for mental stimulation.

    Before you feed a consumable bone, please review the Safe Feeding and Handling Guidelines on this page and the label.

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