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Bison Femurs

Bison Femurs


RDBK Bison Femurs are a great raw bone option for healthy dogs to chew on for dental health and enrichment.

  • Ethically sourced, human-grade, and free-range bison

  • Size recommendation:

    • Small Bison Femurs: Small dogs <25 lb

    • Large Bison Femurs: Medium dogs 25-60 lb

  • Best suited for gentle chewers

  • Do not cook 

  • Always supervise your pet when feeding any bone


**Recommended retail price. Prices may vary

  • Choose RDBK Bison Femurs as an excellent recreational raw bone option for dogs.

    • Bison Femurs include variable amounts of meat, connective tissue, and generous amounts of marrow (fat).

    Recreational raw bones provide minimal nutritional value to your pet's diet. However, the advantages of offering your pet these marrow bones as a natural chew are numerous:

    • Dental Health: Effectively cleans teeth and massages gums
    • Jaw Muscle Exercise: Helps exercise and strengthen the jaw muscles.
    • Mental Stimulation: Provides an engaging endorphin-releasing activity for mental stimulation.

    Before you feed a recreational bone, please review the Safe Feeding and Handling Guidelines on this page and the label.   

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