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RDBK's Top 5 Hikes With Your Dog In BC

Updated: Feb 9, 2022

It’s that time of year! Spring is here and soon it’ll be summer. We thought it would be fun to share some of our favorite B.C. spots to hike with your pooch. 

Getting outside in the fresh air and enjoying some exercise goes hand in hand with a healthy diet (which we know includes feeding raw!).  Both great food and regular exercise make your dog – and you - feel great! 

Many of the Red Dog Blue Kat team love to take their dog out into nature. These are some of our favorite hikes in the Lower Mainland.

Aldergrove Regional Park- Easy

Aldergrove, BC

This park is Dog-friendly with a large off-leash area and some great trails up to five kms. long. It also has a big open field which is reminiscent of the English countryside. A great spot to eat a picnic lunch and get some fresh air. For a map of the park, go here.

Mount Seymour- Intermediate

North Vancouver, BC

If you’re up for a day hike, Mount Seymour is a great dog-friendly local mountain to check out. Plan to spend the day if you want to make it to the top. There are several trails but the main one is straight up. This trail can be fun all year round! 

During the winter months, you will need special footwear eg. snowshoes or winter hikers to climb through the snow. It can be very cold, so you’ll need to dress in layers, bring lots of food & water and if it’s sunny, bring sunglasses. You’ll see fantastic views of the surrounding mountains and downtown Vancouver from several peaks and at the summit. Mount Seymour is one of the many things that makes Vancouver the best city in the world! 

Check out this website to plan for a safe hike. 

The Baden Powell to Grouse Mountain – Intermediate

North Vancouver, BC

Local, dog-friendly and a great day hike,  this is 10 kms each way and takes around five hours to complete. This trail is mostly flat, but it has several trails that take you up Grouse mountain as well if you feel like a climb and some great views. This is a great one for really active dogs. They are sure to be tired after this one. 

You can find a trail map here.

Sea to Sky Hwy, Squamish, BC

This is a 9km out and back hike that takes around 3hrs to complete. The hike is rated as a easy hike with an elevation gain of 250 meters. The hike passes by Starvation Lake and multiple viewpoints of the canyon and Tantalus Mountain Range. The trail is dog friendly and is about 1hr 30min from Vancouver.

Elk Mountain Intermediate

Chilliwack, BC

Elk Mountain trail is a 7km out and back trail taking roughly 4hrs to compete. It has an 800 meter elevation gain but offers stunning views of the Fraser Valley. The trail is well marked and easy to navigate. Be sure to bring lot's of water for you and your pup as there are no creeks along the way. The trail head is located 1hr 45min from Vancouver.

Let’s Hear from You!

Have you been on any of these hikes? Do you take your dog out hiking with you? If you do, let us know your favorite hikes in the comments. 

And please share this with friends or family members who loves the outdoors and their dog!


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