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How To Prepare Raw Pet Food

Updated: Jun 16, 2021

There are a lot of questions about food safety when it comes to raw feeding. So many, that we wanted to put together a short list of food prep hacks for you. We know everyone lives busy lives and fresh food isn’t as easy as dumping food in a bowl.

If you are not already sure how much to feed your pet;

Tips To Make Raw Diet Food Prep Quick & Easy

How To Thaw Raw Food

Take food out of the package while frozen and thaw in a glass container (with a lid) in the fridge. This allows you to waste less food that may be trapped in the bag AND it’s a heck of a lot less messy to transfer to a plate for serving. If your pet is picky and needs their food at room temp, you can also float the container in warm water before serving.

How to thaw raw dog food at home

Use A Food Scale

A food scale is a small investment (usually around $25.00) with a big return. Weighing out the exact amounts your pet needs helps you stay on budget and will help you keep your pets at their ideal weight. Remove the guessing and use a scale!

Portion size for raw pet food

Organizing Supplements

Some pets take a range of supportive supplements and/or medications. It can get a little time consuming to be adding a bunch of different things to the food. In our multi-pet household, we have a drawer that has been turned into a supplement station. The supplements are organized by pet and have their own measuring scoops ready to go next to the containers. With dry ingredients, you can even do prepped baggies/containers for each pet to make feeding easy – just dump, mix and serve!

Adding supplements to raw pet food

Serving Raw Food

Serving your pets on a plate makes it easier and safer for them to eat. And, they are very space-efficient when it comes to loading the dishwasher! We also have specific stations for everyone so there is no arguing about who’s plate belongs to who. Feeding routines really help to decrease stress for pets, especially in multi-animal households.

How to feed raw food to dogs and cats

Raw Food Clean Up

Just like with our own food, it’s important to clean up your pet’s food dishes after they eat raw meat to avoid pathogenic bacteria growth. Did you know it’s totally safe to put your pet’s dishes into the dishwasher with your dishes? At dinner time, we do the washing up for ourselves and our pets all in one go and load everyone’s plates into the dishwasher. We have several sets of plates for the animals so that we don’t have to scramble to find something to serve the next meal. Easy peasy!

Cleaning raw pet food in the dishwasher


What Are Your Own Feeding Hacks?

Do you have some food prep or feeding hacks you’d like to share with us? Let us know!


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