Should Cats Eat Fish? Why We Don’t Make Fish Meals For Cats

Updated: Sep 20

Fish is a great protein to add into a healthy, diverse diet; however, fish is not a biologically appropriate protein for felines. No matter how crazy they go over it! Since cats love fish so much and it’s widely popularized as a food of choice for cats, many pet parents think it’s the way to go for their feline family members. That’s why we want to use this article to explore the origins of the myth, important considerations when feeding fish, fish in relation to our meals at Red Dog Blue Kat and the benefits of protein-based oils.

There’s going to be lots of valuable bits of information for cat owners in this one, so we encourage you to take some time to keep reading… Let’s get right into it!

Should Cats Eat Fish? Why We Don’t Make Fish Meals For Cats

The Origins Of Our Domestic Cats & The Connection To Fish

Our domestic cats have ancestry stemming from the Felis Silvestris, small wildcats whose diets mainly consisted of insects, birds, and rodents – sometimes even baby gazelles. Fish were not part of their natural diet.

Our present-day pet cats were first domesticated by the Egyptians, a society that was filled with fishermen. They used cats to catch rodents and therefore took them as companions at sea. While the cats lived on these boats, the fishermen probably fed them fish, and this is when they got their first taste! Even though cats seem to have taken to fish, it is definitely not what they would be hunting naturally!

That being said, there are some very specialized felines like the Asiatic fishing cats. This specific breed has webbed paws and survives almost solely on fish.

Cats Tendency to Habituate On Foods

Most cat owners have a hard time feeding their kitties because they’re notoriously picky eaters. But did you know that their finicky characteristics come from their genetics? It is natural for cats to stick to the same type of foods that they’re used to eating – it’s part of their survival instincts. When they’re young, the mother cat shows them what is okay and what isn’t, and this leads them to be reluctant to try new things later in life.

Not only are cats harder to transition to new foods, but they’re also more likely to get fixated on a specific food that they really like. That means that if they get habituated to fish, it’s very hard to convince them to try other proteins. When dealing with picky dogs, generally you’re able to try a fasting period to try and entice them to eat; however, it can be very dangerous for cats to miss multiple meals. If cats don’t eat for longe