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6 Holistic Vets in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland (and beyond!)

Updated: Nov 4, 2022

Holistic veterinarian practices are quickly growing more popular these days. Despite that, there still seems to be some disconnect about what it means to bring your beloved puffball to a holistic versus a traditional vet. Holistic veterinary practices aren’t just “one thing”: it’s not just acupuncture or herbal medicine, and it doesn’t discount western styles of treatment either; rather, holistic medicine is open to a broader range of treatment options.

Holistic Veterinarian Vancouver British Columbia

A holistic approach to veterinary services means treating the whole pet, not just the part that is presenting an illness. If, for example, your pet has chronic ear infections, a holistic vet is unlikely to just scribble up a prescription for ear medication and send you on your way. Instead, they’ll probably ask about your pet’s diet, lifestyle, and daily activities, and make recommendations by putting the entire picture together from there. Holistic veterinarians are a little like pet detectives: they want to get to the root of the problem, and while that might involve traditional medications and responsive techniques, this style of medicine truly shines when used as a preventative resource—why wait for the problem to crop up when you can avoid it altogether?

We’re big fans of holistic services at Red Dog Blue Kat, but we understand it can be nerve-wracking trying to find a new vet, especially if you’re not entirely certain what the qualifiers are in alternative medicines. Never fear: we’ve found some amazing holistic veterinarians in Vancouver that aren’t afraid to think outside the litter box when it comes to helping your pet live their best life.

Holistic Veterinarians by Location

North Vancouver

Phoenix Rising Veterinary

Phoenix Rising Integrative Veterinary Care is one of the most popular holistic veterinary services in the North Shore and with good reason! They specialize in an impressive number of traditional and alternative forms of medicine, ranging from chiropractic treatments to acupuncture to ozone therapy. They even offer pulsed electromagnetic field therapy! If you’re looking for a holistic practice in North Vancouver that can specialize in more than one type of medicine, this may be the stop for you!

Looking for More Specifics?

Check out Pheonix Rising Veterinary to discover a breadth of holistic options available!

Contact Them At:

3731 Delbrook Ave

North Vancouver, BC

V7N 3Z4


Here’s what happy pet parents have to say!

Lonsdale Veterinary Hospital

Lonsdale Veterinary Hospital is a complete package deal: whether you’re looking for something as simple as an annual wellness check (covering a physical exam, diet discussion, and disease prevention and planning) or as complex as surgery and in-house urinalysis, they’ve got you covered. These vets view every animal as an individual requiring unique and personalized treatment, and it shows! When you need veterinarians who are prepared for anything, you’ll be hard-pressed to do better than Lonsdale Veterinary Hospital.

Looking for Specifics?

Learn about all the ways they can help your pet by visiting Lonsdale Vet website.

Contact Them At:

116 West 20th Street

North Vancouver, BC

V7M 1Y4


Here’s what their biggest fans have to say about their services!

Holistic Veterinarian Vancouver British Columbia


Vancouver Animal Wellness

Vancouver Animal Wellness hospital is uniquely suited for big-city pets and their busy owners. They offer a slew of integrative services ranging from conventional medicine and surgery to alternative and holistic options (including Western and Chinese herbal treatments, acupuncture, and laser and pulsed electromagnetic therapy). You can also book virtual visits to talk with an expert about your non-urgent general concerns or receive nutrition and behaviour consultation. As a bonus, they’re also part of VCA’s national philanthropic program, Paw It Forward, which supports an incredible number of pets and pet parents through education, food donations, as well as donating to local humane societies, SPCAs, and rescue groups. When you want comprehensive service that helps the broader community, this animal hospital has it all!

Looking for Specifics?

See all their services at Vancouver Animal Hospital

Contact Them At:

105 E Broadway

Vancouver, BC V5T 1W1


Email (non-emergency only)

Lower Mainland

Peak Animal Wellness- Langley

Peak Animal Wellness focuses on physical rehabilitation through fitness and conditioning and pain management. Their services include manual and laser therapy, as well as an underwater treadmill designed with your pet’s comfort in mind while they strengthen their muscles in a way that’s easy on their joints. When you’re on the hunt for natural and effective methods to help your pet gain (or regain) their “peak” health, you’ll find that the drive out to Langley is worth it for these specialized services.

Looking for Specifics?

Visit their website Peak Animal Wellness Services to learn about how PEAK can help your pet live their best life.

Contact Them At:

6280 202 St

Langley, BC

V2Y 1N2


Here’s a glowing review from a satisfied patient!

Roving Vet- House Calls

If your pet is not a fan of car rides, then sometimes just going to the vet can cause more undue stress—which is precisely what you don’t want when you’re already worried about their overall well-being. Fortunately, services like the Roving Vet bring over 22 years of holistic veterinary experience to you, either physically or through phone consultations! Dr. Shuli can come to your home to do a full holistic consultation, including thorough physical examinations, taking bloodwork for diagnostics, and providing gentle and effective treatment with homeopathic remedies, from acute or chronic ailments to palliative care. The joy of having this type of service is you can stay with your usual vet who knows your pet’s history while also receiving homeopathic and holistic treatment and recommendations to potentially reduce the number of medications and surgeries—and car rides!—that may otherwise be required. It’s the solution you didn’t even know you needed!

Looking for Specifics?

Roving Vet is the pet care solution you’ve been waiting for. The Roving Vet

Contact Them At:


Barn Door Veterinary Care- Coquitlam

For pet parents in the Coquitlam area looking for a holistic vet on the cutting edge of vet technology, Barn Door Veterinary Care should be at the top of their list. They offer unique services like Ozone Therapy, which is proven effective as a cancer-fighting tool in addition to combatting bacterial and viral infections, as well as other integrative and conventional treatment options. Not sure what treatment your pet needs and don’t have a huge surplus of time to visit the vet? They offer telemedicine options too!

Need More Specifics?

Visit their Barndoor Vet to read more on the types of treatment they offer!

Contact Them At:

Westwood Plateau Village

C7-1410 Parkway Blvd

Coquitlam BC

V3E 3J7


Check out some of their rave reviews!

Holistic Veterinarian in Thompson Okanagan British Columbia


Pandosy Village Veterinary Hospital- Kelowna

Are you in Kelowna and looking for a vet that can provide urgent as well as preventative care, has a store with both holistic and vet-specific foods AND vets that actively seek out higher certifications for holistic practices? Under any other circumstances, we might tell you you’re asking for too much. In this case, however, you’re asking for just the right amount because Pandosy Village Veterinary Hospital has all of this and more.

Need More Specifics?

We can’t possibly list every exceptional service Pandosy offers, so you can read up on all of it on their website Pandosy Vet

Contact Them At:

2720 Richter St,

Kelowna, BC


Here’s what some of their long-term clientele have to say:

Pawsitive Veterinary Care- Kelowna

Looking for another option for a holistic veterinarian in Kelowna? Look no further. Pawsitive Veterinary Care has been operating since 2000 with a broad approach to health that encompasses holistic treatments for issues such as chronic conditions and nutritional advice. Still, they aren’t afraid to shy away from conventional treatments and medication when the need arises. Whether it’s herbal medicine solutions, nutritional therapies, laser treatments, customized vaccine protocols, or even antibiotics, Pawsitive Veterinary Care has it all.

Need More Specifics?

Click here to find out if Pawsitive Veterinary Care in Kelowna is the right option for you!

Contact Them At:

6-1551 Sutherland Ave

Kelowna BC

V1Y 9M9


Here’s what satisfied clients have to say:


There you have it! If you’re running into roadblocks with your current vet, looking for a second opinion, or you have a pet needing a fresh start, these holistic vet options could be the option you’re waiting for.

Don’t see your area listed here? Fill out our free online vet finder form to help us help you locate the vet services you need in an area convenient to you!


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