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Is Red Dog Blue Kat raw pet food WSAVA guidelines compliant?

WSAVA is a global community of more than 200,000 veterinarians working to advance the health and welfare of companion animals worldwide. In 2011, WSAVA introduced a set of guidelines and tools for pet parents and veterinarians. In some parts of the world, pet malnutrition is a major challenge, while in others, pet obesity is a growing problem. With so much confusing and inaccurate online information, these Global Guidelines aim to help veterinary teams ensure that pets are fed according to an optimal and individually tailored nutrition plan. They also offer advice to support owner compliance.

WSAVA Guidelines on Selecting Pet Foods

Pet food labels include much required and useful information for veterinary teams and pet owners. They may also include marketing images and phrases designed to promote product sales rather than relay nutritional information. This means that some of the information, including unregulated terms such as ‘holistic’ or ‘premium,’ is of little practical value for nutritional assessment. The veterinary team has a vital role in helping pet owners make informed decisions on the optimal diet for their dog or cat.

What to Look for in a Brand

Red Dog Blue Kat raw pet food is WSAVA guidelines compliant as follows:

  1. Do they employ a Nutritionist? Red Dog Blue Kat employs a veterinarian, Dr. Jules Mantler, who has a BSc (Ag), BSc (Vet Biol), and BVMS. Dr. Mantler received her veterinary degree from Murdoch University in Australia. Her experience includes over 16 years of clinical veterinary practice in British Columbia, including owning and running her own raw-focused holistic veterinary practice for two years. Dr. Mantler has over 25 years of experience feeding and recommending raw food diets. She completed a Natural Veterinary Nutrition certification course and is currently completing her Certification in Veterinary Integrative Therapeutic Nutrition from the College of Integrative Veterinary Therapies, taught by multiple holistic, natural, and raw food supportive veterinarians, including contributions and oversight by Board Certified Veterinary Nutritionists.

  2. Who formulates the diet? Red Dog Blue Kat recipes are formulated and audited by Dr. Jules Mantler, BSc (Ag), BSc (Vet Biol), BVMS, in collaboration with the CEO, Inna Shekhtman. Dr. Mantler uses the Animal Diet Formulator (ADF) software along with her experience and consultation with the Royal Animal Health University team.

  3. What is the quality control process for ingredients and finished products? Red Dog Blue Kat diets are formulated to meet AAFCO nutrient profiles independently, while others are formulated to meet this nutrient profile when fed in a recommended rotation, as stated on the label. RDBK conducts nutritional analysis of new products and products with material changes and conducts NIR analysis on every batch for basic nutrient consistency. Red Dog Blue Kat is HACCP Certified and has procedures in place to control the quality and safety of all ingredients used in the products. All ingredients, except tripe, are human-grade/edible, and all batches are tested for safety and quality, including testing for common pathogens, before being released for sale.

  4. What kind of product research or nutrition studies have been conducted? Red Dog Blue Kat is committed to nutritional research and improving animal nutrition. As a small company, Red Dog Blue Kat has not yet published any peer-reviewed studies but has conducted extensive research in the safe formulation, development, and manufacturing of raw diets. They provide a volume of information, including references to studies, on their website.

  5. Nutrition Adequacy Statement All RDBK labels include a nutritional adequacy statement and feeding instructions. Detailed instructions are also provided on the website, including detailed product pages that include a full analysis and supplement recommendations for each product, if applicable.

  6. How many calories per gram or serving of food? All labels provide information about energy (kcal/kg), and individual downloadable product pages (under the nutritional analysis) provide further details, including caloric distribution. Red Dog Blue Kat provides the typical analysis of all essential nutrients in its food on an energy basis.

  7. Does the company provide immediate contact information, such as a phone number or email address? Red Dog Blue Kat provides contact information on all labels and has an easily accessible contact form on its website.

  8. Who makes the food? All products are manufactured in the company’s own HACCP-certified facility in Port Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada.


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