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Your 2022 Holiday Gift Guide for Healthy, Happy Cats

Updated: Dec 15, 2022

Some cats blink kisses at you from across the room, and some crawl into your lap for a snuggle and purrs. Some cats don’t want to be touched at all and give every sign of not needing you other than to refill their food dish and empty the litterbox, yet still end up following you around the house. (Not because they want to spend time with you. It’s a complete coincidence they’re in the same room with you, you know.)

No matter what kind of cat you have, it’s an undeniable fact that our kitties are a balm to our hearts, and they deserve to be treated like the little princes and princesses they are. Especially over the holiday season when you might (gasp) be showing affection to other people? Inviting people into your cat’s home? The audacity.

Thankfully, we’ve put together a list of gifts that will undoubtedly get you on your kittie’s good side—better get a head start now!

Cat with Christmas tree and gift


Offering your cat a tasty treat is the first step towards your cat forgiving you for whatever unbelievable atrocity you most recently committed. Examples of offences include but are not limited to: using the vacuum, sitting in the spot they wanted to sit in, and petting them one (1) too many times. Don’t even get us started on using the carrier and vet visits!

Treats might not solve the problem, but they’ll convince your cat to give you another chance to earn their undying affection. (Pro tip: as long as you have treats, you have unlimited chances.)

RDBK’s Dehydrated Treats

Crunchy, flavourful, and pure meaty goodness—what more could a carnivorous kitty need? These dehydrated treats come in five varieties:

  • Salmon

  • Kangaroo

  • Kangaroo and Salmon Fusion

  • Salmon Medley (salmon supplemented with blueberries and yams for antioxidant benefits)

  • Sampler mix with all four flavours!

These treats excel in all categories: use them as a bowl booster, as regular snacks, or as a training aid! Yes, it’s true: you can train your cats to do a variety of things, and these treats can provide the just right amount of motivation for our classically independent feline friends.

Red Dog Blue Kat Cat treats Kangaroo Salmon

Cat Treat Puzzle Box

If your cat is the kind who inhales treats without chewing, they might benefit from a puzzle box! Not only do puzzle boxes slow your kitty down and make them savour their treat, but they also provide valuable enrichment that entertains and tires out cats at the same time. It’s like a more mental version of kitty fetch—and puzzle boxes pair purr-fectly with our dehydrated treats!

There’s a huge selection of puzzle boxes out there, but we’re big fans of Cat Amazing’s Mega Cat Treat Puzzle box and its smaller cousin, the Classic Puzzle box. These boxes are made with industrial-strength corrugated cardboard, and all the materials and inks are plant-based, so completely safe if your feline friend decides to go full destruct-o-cat.

The Classic Cat Treat Puzzle box is one level with three difficulty sections, plus a secret hidden expert level. The Mega Puzzle Box has three levels with 27 hunting sections—perfect for expert hunters who need a challenge!

While it’s recommended you supervise your cat during their first few hunting expeditions with these puzzle boxes, once they’ve gotten the hang of it, this can be a great tool to distract your cat and keep them from underfoot while you’re preparing your holiday dinner, or even to entertain your guests!

Cat with puzzle treat box slow feeder

Raw Bones

Another way to treat your cat while also working out their brain and body is with raw bones! If you think raw meaty bones are just for dogs, then boy, do we have news for you.

Your cat might need a bit more of an introduction to bones than a dog would. Holding a bone for your royal furry family member the first time may help them figure it out. However, once they get the hang of chewing on a bone, it’ll be hard to stop them after!

If your cat gets anxious with strangers in the house, a raw bone might be just the solution. The act of chewing releases endorphins that calm your kitty down and might even inspire a lazy little cat nap.

We recommend choosing a raw bone appropriately sized for your cat’s mouth, such as chicken necks, small kangaroo tails, or small beef knuckles.

raw bones for dogs and cats


Keeping your cats entertained is a crucial step to keep them from entertaining themselves by scratching your furniture, carpet, your leg, or even just limiting the amount of insane parkour zoomies they do! Your cat will do best with three different types of entertainment: 1-on-1 play (e.g. feather wands), interactive play (e.g. a toy that responds to your cat interacting with it) and solo play (e.g. a kicker toy). Check out some of these gift ideas that can offer endless hours of play for your cat!

Robo Mouse

Electronic cat toys can be a bit hit or miss, but this little USB-chargeable Robo Mouse from Jackson Galaxy might be your cat's new favourite thing—after all, if it’s good enough for team cat mojo, you know there’s a good chance it’ll be a hit with your cat! Its large, rubberized wheels mean it can scoot along hardwood or carpet floors, and its “smart steering” allows it to detect obstacles and avoid getting stuck in corners or against furniture by backing up and changing direction.

This Robo Mouse is also self-righting if your domestic hunter manages to “slay” it by pushing it on its side! Finally, it has a “standby” mode, so after one minute of inactivity, it’ll power down—but it’ll start right back up if your cat takes a swipe at it!

With two rotating tail attachments, a mouse-like squeaker (though it’s quiet and non-disruptive), and realistic movements, this little mouse gets your cat back in touch with their natural hunting instincts!

cat playing with rechargeable toy mouse

Ripple Rugs

SnugglyCat’s Ripple Rug is a versatile toy that offers a space for your cat’s four main moods: play, hide, nap, and attack. This extra-large rug (47”x35”) comes in two parts; the base with a non-slip coating to keep it in place while laying flat, while the top rug has different sizes holes for separate activities can be infinitely reconfigured into 3D “ripples” and lumps on the larger bottom. The idea is that your cat can snuggle on top of the carpet (and have a little headrest!), snooze within the caves of the upper rug, or peek out of the holes and take a swipe at anything that goes by.

These rugs are made from recycled plastic bottles with a durable, needle-punch carpet that cats love to dig their claws into—and better that than your couch! The rug is foldable for storage and cleans easily with water and soap. In addition, it’s mildew, mold, and stain resistant for easy-breezy cleanups—they really thought of everything for this one!

Note that Ripple Rugs can be purchased through the SnugglyCat website or their eBay shop. The eBay shop will be a bit less expensive for Canadian shoppers, as SnugglyCat uses their international shipping program. On the other hand, all four colours of the Ripple Rug are available on their website.

cat mat for playing sleeping ripple rug snugglycat

Clear Window Bird Feeder

There’s a good chance your cat has a watch station by one of your windows. Whether it’s the back of the couch or a window-sill kitty bed, they’re undoubtedly vigilant in their duties to observe all the goings-on outside your home. So why not provide them with some entertainment during their security shift?

A clear bird feeder that can attach to your window is a surefire way to enrapture your cat throughout the day. Plus, having a direct-to-window birdfeeder limits your local squirrel’s abilities to snag a free meal (though your cat would probably think that’s pretty entertaining, too).

While there are plenty of clear bird feeders on the market, we like this one from Perky-Pet. Not only do they have a long-standing tradition of supporting and donating to researchers, educators, and conservationists, but their products are well-known for their quality and versatility. This window feeder is made with crystal-clear, shatter-resistant plastic with a wide overhang for shelter. It holds up to 1 cup of food for hours of live cat-TV entertainment!

clear window attached bird feeder cat enrichment

Snuggle Spots

A safe place for your cat to curl up and snooze away the day is an integral part of any cat’s home. While you think your cat might be satisfied with their usual behind-the-couch hides or in your laundry basket, why not offer them a luxurious spot of their own?

Automatic Heating Cat Bed

There are plenty of heated cat beds out there, but you’ll be hard-pressed to find a more reliable, well-built, and safety-tested heating bed than K&H’s Thermo-Kitty Mat!

Beyond its quality, this heated bed has quite a bit that sets it apart from the rest: it has a removable, machine-washable cover, and it’s sized to fit just about any cat bed, though it’s padded enough to be a bed on its own! Best of all, it’s pressure-sensitive: it’ll hold its temperature at around 12–15 degrees above room temperature, but it’ll rise to around 38°C (the average temperature of a cat) once your kitty settles down for a purr-fectly cozy snooze. When they leave, it’ll automatically turn back off!

Knit Nests for Cats

Knit basket beds for cats are all the rage these days. They can come in just about any colour you can imagine to fit your decor, and the raised edges give your kitty something to lean on while also allowing them some privacy in their nap but still being soft enough to lay on top if they so wish. This type of bed is also easy to store but occasionally more of a process to wash.

We’re currently eyeing the Knit Cat Bed by DesignStudioByKris; it’s made with insanely soft chenille yarn and comes in various colours, sizes, heights, and plushness, depending on the yarn density you select. Best of all, it’s machine-washable for easy clean-ups and refreshes!

They’ll even make an XL size for cats with a little extra…shall we call it…fluff? If you’re looking for a 100% handmade cat basket and want to support a small Canadian business, this might be the one you’ve been waiting for!

soft knitted cat bed

To Wrap It Up…

Let’s be honest: your cat doesn’t really know what the holidays entail (other than you’re bringing a lot of shiny, fun new plants into their home). At the very least, giving them gifts of toys, new beds, or treats will probably be enough to distract them from all your planned holiday activities and help make this season happy, safe, and comfortable for everyone.


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