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Non-Medicated Kangaroo Formula

Non-Medicated Kangaroo Formula


Basic Instincts™ Cat Kangaroo formula is not a typical meat that you’d think of for a cat, however, this protein source has cats asking for more! 


Our Basic Instincts™ Cat Kangaroo formula has been designed for the cats who have severe allergies, and as such only contains kangaroo muscle meat as a single source meat protein (note: also contains steamed lamb bonemeal for a calcium source). Kangaroo meat is much lower in fat and higher in taurine.


For any cat with extreme food sensitivities or allergies, Kangaroo provides a true game meat. *Must be fed with other formulas or supplementation as this formula does not contain organ meats.*

  • Ingredients

    Non-medicated boneless kangaroo muscles meat, steamed lamb bone meal, dried egg yolk, psyllium husk powder, agar, gelatin, filtered water
    wild salmon oil.

    Meet the Farmer

    All our kangaroo is sourced directly from Australia. The meat is a wild game meat which has been humanely harvested from wild populations.  We have recently experienced some supply issues with kangaroo and are working with our suppliers to ensure continuity of supply.  

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