Bones 101: Bone Feeding Basics

Updated: Aug 18

When it comes to raw feeding for your pet, bones are essential. They are nature’s toothbrush and aid in keeping your pet’s teeth and gums in perfect shape. Without bones, the raw diet is not complete and will be missing essential minerals like calcium, phosphorus and magnesium. And chewing whole bones is a great way to provide your companion with mental stimulation.

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Rules for Safely Feeding Bones

Follow These Simple Rules For A Lifetime of Happy and Safe Bone Chewing:

1. Never Cook Them!

Bones should always be fed raw. Cooking changes the chemical structure of the bone. Cooked bones are brittle and sharp when broken and incredibly hard to digest. Feeding your pet cooked bones can have unpleasant consequences for your pet including vomiting, diarrhea, impaction, or perforation of the digestive tract. Bones naturally contain the perfect mineral make-up for all life stages of dogs and cats. Cooking removes these minerals and other nutrients from the bone. The same applies for mixed meals that contain ground bone. Do not cook these formulas.